Carolina Sandoval is recovering from COVID-19 from her home

Carolina Sandoval.

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

The former television presenter Carolina sandoval He has taken to his social networks to update his fans on how he is carrying out his recovery, after he tested positive for COVID-19.

It has been on his Instagram account that the “Queen of the sash”Has been sharing his progress and how he has been coping with all this situation where an important part of his family such as his mother Doña Amalia and his eldest daughter Barbara Camila.

But not even with being sick Sandoval stops being how she has always shown herself to her fans, so nice, honest and above all sincere, always showing her best face in the face of problems.

And although he is in quarantine, he has not let go of doing his crazy things to which he is already accustomed to his millions of followers, because he has been seen from the shower as he has done on other occasions.

Sandoval has not moved away from social networks because from his room he has been sharing funny content that he has also used to publish on his account Tik Tok where little by little he has been acquiring a large number of followers who laugh out loud with his unique sense of humor.

In the video that has earned the laughter of his fans, he is seen lying on the bed and leaning with an audio that goes a lot with the situation he is experiencing at the moment that has been a sensation with his followers, who have not stopped send you your comments highlighting the ones that you hope will be able to be recovered soon.

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