Is it possible to apply for two types of American VISA at the same time?

Is it possible to apply for two types of American VISA at the same time?

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Many people need to obtain an American visa to be able to travel to the country for different reasons. If you want to apply for the document, you must be aware that there are certain requirements and documents that you must cover and present to the immigration authorities. In addition, you will have to be patient because the waiting time you will have to wait for almost all types of visa is considerable.

Due to the time that must be dedicated to said Procedure is that many people prefer to postpone their trip, they also look for alternatives such as processing a type of visa different in the hope that the process will take less time or fewer requirements will be requested, other people prefer to wait because they do not know if it is allowed or even if it is legal that two types of applications can be processed. visa different.

Remember that it is important that if you started the process of applying for a visa It is important that you try to finish it, sometimes the waiting periods can be exhausting, but there are several reasons why it is advisable that you do not abandon the Procedure. If you follow the process and everything goes well, you will be able to obtain your immigration document to travel to USA.

Can I process two American visas at the same time?

The answer is yes, if you can count on two american visas and process them at the same time, this measure is not illegal. If you already have one visa authorized and valid, you can request an alternative document, you just have to make sure that it is another type of visa. It is totally valid that you do a second Procedure visa to cover other activities within USAthe second document must have another purpose.

To process the second document you must follow the usual procedure and cover the requirements and documents that this type of visa specifically requests. Having two different types of American visa is valid and legal as long as both documents are used correctly. According to the immigration authorities, the reason for your trip must be due to the type of visa that you present at the time you request entry into the country.

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