Celebrities mourn the death of Nicandro Díaz, producer of “Amorestrues” – El Diario NY

Celebrities mourn the death of Nicandro Díaz, producer of “Amorestrues” – El Diario NY

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After the unfortunate death of Nicandro Díaz was confirmedrenowned producer of TV soaps of great global success such as “Amores Verdaderos”, “Soy tu dueña”, “Mañana es para siempre”, “Destilando Amor” and “Against seeing and tide” many celebrities flooded social networks to show their sadness at this event by sending their condolences to all your loved ones.

Marjorie de Sousa, Danilo Carrera, Michelle Renaud and Gabriel Soto They are just some of the celebrities who used their Instagram and Twitter accounts to share emotional messages with their feelings regarding the producer’s unexpected departure.

“I don’t want to, you don’t. My Nic, I just saw you, we had plans, you were always there and you always encouraged me. You believed in me when no one else, you brought me back to this beautiful country and gave me great characters, also your friendship. We lived so many beautiful moments and others not so much, but we were always there, you were a great friend and protector. “I love you wherever you are, my dear friend, until always,” the Venezuelan wrote. For his part, the Ecuadorian noted “We are looking forward to many more stories my friend! Take care of me from above so that all those dreams we once talked about come true. See you always my Nic.”

Michelle put “I love you forever, that! My condolences to your children, your family and all the people whose hearts you touched with that unique personality. Thank you for the laughs and the many advice you always gave me. Fly high my producer“. Finally, Gabriel highlighted “I can not believe this. I am completely shocked and in deep pain at your departure dear Nic. We had just met on Thursday in this new theater project. We are going to miss you a lot”.

Other personalities from the media who expressed themselves on social networks were Claudia Álvarez, Lorena Meritano, Marlene Favela and Sebastián Rulli. Likewise, celebrities such as Alexis Ayala, Ana Martin, Mark Tacher, Erika Buenfil, David Zepeda and Michelle Viethamong many others, joined the “Hoy” program by telephone to express their sadness at the producer’s departure and tell some anecdotes that they lived at his side.

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