Chef Yisus took off his clothes in ‘Despierta América’ to imitate John Cenna – El Diario NY

Chef Yisus took off his clothes in ‘Despierta América’ to imitate John Cenna – El Diario NY

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Jesús Alberto Díaz, better known as Chef Yisus, imitated the actor John Cenawho went viral for appearing without any clothes on the stage of the Oscar 2024, held in the city of Los Angeles, in the United States.

During the ‘Sin Rollo’ section, the Venezuelan was asked the reason why he appeared that way and he answered: “No, well, nothing, here waving, with John Cena’s clothing, with a little bit of cold.”

In the video, the person in charge of preparing delicious recipes on the Univision morning show barely covered himself with a poster from the section.

On the program’s Instagram account, they left a short text in which they indicated: “We had our own John Cena in ‘Sin Rollo’ today.”

For many this was a good moment to admire chef Yisus, but there were also viewers who considered that this was not necessary.

Chef Yisus in ‘Despierta América’

Among the messages that were read were: “Wow, this program is not the same and it is nothing personal with the chef, but how bad this looks on a family program,” “And that on national television when it is a program where even children see, we are going from bad to worse”, “That was known, the imitators were already coming to do the antics.”

Others indicated: “That is not necessary, poor people, when they no longer have talent in their profession”, “More original without a towel”, “What they make this boy do, it is clear that this clowning does not suit his personality.” ”.

John Cena’s appearance on the 2024 Oscars stage without any clothes was to present the Best Costume award, which in this edition was won by the film ‘Poor Creatures’.

This moment also served to recreate the moment in which a man sneaked onto the awards stage naked in 1974.

Now on the program ‘Despierta América’ they also decided to join the trend, causing all kinds of comments among people, some applauding their audacity, while others considering that it was not good to replicate this scene.

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