Christine Quinn claims her ex installed surveillance cameras in her bedroom – El Diario NY

Christine Quinn claims her ex installed surveillance cameras in her bedroom – El Diario NY


The author and television personality Christine Quinn and her team of lawyers have accused Christian Richard of various crimes. The documents were presented last Wednesday and ‘Page Six’ has released some details.

It should be noted that this lawsuit is filed shortly after Richard was arrested for assaulting his two-year-old son with a glass bottle. This arrest was made for domestic violence, but the new documents add other cases to the list.

It should be noted that Richard was arrested on March 19, at that time Quinn wasn’t living in the Hollywood Hills mansionCalifornia, which they shared during their relationship. After the arrest, the star of the reality show ‘Selling Sunset’ entered the residence again and found several things.

The documents explain that Quinn discovered that his ex had several Apple AirTags and surveillance cameras all over the placeThat is, she and her son were watched all the time without knowing it. Quinn says the cameras were “about the size of a quarter.”

According to what they explain, the cameras were everywhere, including the office and the bedroom.

These new documents also detail what Quinn found upon entering the residence: “There were new pillows in the residence, the shower was wet from having been recently used and, most disturbing, my underwear had been taken out of my room.” drawer and was scattered on top of the bed in the master bedroom.”

It should be said that the mansion that the couple shared It has an area of ​​5,917 square feet Distributed in several bedrooms, bathrooms, hallway, living room, main room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and other amenities.

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