David Beckham recounted how he felt and lived the day he signed Lionel Messi – La Opinion

David Beckham recounted how he felt and lived the day he signed Lionel Messi – La Opinion

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David Beckham recently commented in an interview how he received the news of the arrival of the Argentine star and idol of Rosario, Lionel Messi as a new Inter Miami player and what was his emotional reaction to it. In addition to this, the Englishman commented how difficult it was to finalize the transaction in the first place.

Messi revolutionized Major League Soccer

The arrival of the former Football Club Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain player It was a historic event for soccer worldwide and especially for Major League Soccer, ending a period in Paris where he achieved numbers such as 32 goals scored and 35 assists distributed in 75 games where he saw action, in addition to three titles won; The Argentine embarked on the search for a new football destination that was debated between his expected return to FC Barcelona, ​​the multimillion-dollar offer received from the Saudi Pro League in Saudi Arabia with Al-Hilal, or his arrival in North American football with Inter. Miami, the pink team of ‘Las Garzas’.

Finally, after several days of comings and goings, debates and much intrigue Regarding which would be the new institution that would take over the services of the talented 35-year-old Argentine player, the ‘Herons’ proudly announced in July 2023 the hiring of Lionel Andrés Messi as their new player, which he would later confirm with a “Yes, guys: see you in Miami.”

It was argued that this agreement was not easy to achieve, it was not at all. In fact, it was David Beckham himself, president of the Miami squad, who shared the difficulty of this operation on James Corden’s podcast. “For five years. My partner and I in Miami, snuck into the hotel to meet Leo’s father five years before he signed with us. We had a meeting with him and I told him: ‘I know Leo is not ready yet, but I want your son to play for my club in the future,’” he said.

How did Beckham find out about Leo Messi’s signing for Inter Miami?

“We knew that a decision had to be made because Leo had announced that he was leaving PSG. At 4 or 5 in the morning in Japan, I’m in bed and my phone doesn’t stop ringing. Victoria nudges me and says, ‘Turn off the phone, we have to sleep.’ I extend my hand, take my glasses and read on my phone that Leo Messi has decided to come to Miami,” commented the former Paris Saint Germain player.

To close, the former Manchester United player let it be known that he also had nostalgic moments at the moment of seeing the signing of the Argentine idol closed once and for all. “I still have goosebumps. I sat on the bed and started crying. And Victoria said to me: ‘What’s happening? What’s happening? Evil? Who is dead?’ And I said: ‘Leo is coming, he is coming to Miami.’ I go on the internet and I see that he is on all the social networks. I spoke with my partner (José Mas) and he told me: ‘Do you believe it?’, and I said: ‘No. Let’s wait until I get to Miami and then I’ll believe it,’” concluded one of the best British players of all time.

The statistics of ‘La Pulga’ in American soccer

After having played a total of 19 matches wearing the pink colors of Inter Miami, the man from Rosario has positioned himself as the team’s top leader on and off the field, both for the respect that his name and hierarchy commands and for his performance on the playing field. Messi has contributed 16 goals and seven assists, in addition to being key in winning the 2023 Leagues Cup, the first trophy in the young history of Inter Miami.

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