Do you remember the controversial Jolette from La Academia?  Now they are 40 years old and this is what they look like |  PHOTOS

Do you remember the controversial Jolette from La Academia? Now they are 40 years old and this is what they look like | PHOTOS



Almost 20 have passed since the singing reality show TV Azteca, The academy had within its ranks one of the most controversial characters in the entire history in which this has been carried out. program, and we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than Jolette who recently became a trend through social networks and today we are going to tell you how he looks in his 40 years old since he is dedicated.

The singer arrived at the program television by Ricardo Salinas Pliego in 2005, when he was part of the Fourth generation of The academywhich has in turn been considered one of the most controversiesWell this character without a doubt it was not the one that most vocal talent possessed, according to the judges, but if it was the only one of all his companions which had high levels of support from the followerswhich made him stay on the show for a long time.

At that time, the young woman was only 90 years old and it was not until 2020, in interview with Yordi Rosado, when the star shared the difficult moments he experienced within the program, this marked mainly by the continuous criticism of Lolita Cortez, who always reiterated the young woman’s lack of talent, who once again became named in networks a couple of days ago thanks to Paulina Rubio, who went out of tune in one of her presentations and the comparisons with Jolette did not wait.

What is Jolette doing at 40 years old in 2024?

What is a fact is that life takes a drastic turn and new opportunities doctor of how nebulous life is, because currently it has 40 years old and the former contestant of The academy still inside the entertainment industry but in his role as television host, since for four years he was part of the expert panel of the fashion program directed by Edy Smol ‘Take care of the camera’.

Furthermore in Televisa They gave him a chance when he was still alive. producer Magda Rodríguez, who gave him a fashion section in the ‘Today’ programwith style capsules and recommendations on the trends that are being used each season, which was led by Jolettebut overnight it stopped being part of the morning television of San Angel.

Photo: IG / jolettenavarrete

Nowadays, women have 40 years old and is quite active through its social networksbecause he continually shares different aspects of his life and career with his more than 171 million followers to whom he has always thanked for their unconditional support, but like good wines, the excantant still retains its beauty youth dand whose beautiful green eyes stand out.


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