Don Pedro Rivera reveals if his girlfriend Nataly Rodríguez checks his phone – El Diario NY

Don Pedro Rivera reveals if his girlfriend Nataly Rodríguez checks his phone – El Diario NY

Don Pedro Rivera

The singer Don Pedro Rivera He is living the joys of love with his girlfriend Nataly Rodríguez, with whom he has been in a relationship for months and has revealed some details of how they take her.

One of the aspects he spoke about in an interview with the ‘Hoy Día’ program was whether his partner checked his phone.

“Yes (he has access to my cell phone), but I’m going to change the password,” he commented during the conversation with the entertainment show.

Regarding the age difference between them, because he is 42 years older than his wife, Don Pedro Rivera explained that when his girlfriend was born he already had several children: Pedro, Gustavo and Jenni.

Nataly Rodríguez also responded to those who say that she is dating the famous man because of his fame and money. However, he denied that this was the case. “Since I met him I had three businesses. It has gone very well for me, I have been with those stores for nine years and no.”

For his part, the famous man indicated that he does not feel like he is making a fool of himself: “We are fine, I feel good and I believe that just as she makes me happy, I make her happy.”

Jenni Rivera’s father was also consulted about the lawsuit filed against him by his grandchildren. Given this, he seemed quite confident and that is why he indicated: “We have done everything quite well, thank God, there are contracts and there are signatures and there is everything. The most important thing is that Jenni never reneged on the deals we made during her lifetime.”

In this judicial process, Nataly has been of great help to him, as he said in the interview with the Telemundo program.

Don Pedro Rivera’s life has been quite busy in recent years, not only because of his new romantic relationship, but also because of the conflicts with his family, regarding the rights to the songs and image of the deceased Jenni Rivera, also known as the ‘Diva of the Band’.

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