Dwayne Johnson posts message and makes sad confession about his late father – El Diario NY

Dwayne Johnson posts message and makes sad confession about his late father – El Diario NY


The actor Dwayne Johnson He is one of the famous people who is quite active on social networks. The “Black Adam” star posts a good part of his daily life on his Instagram account and his audience closely follows all of his posts. But in the last few hours, “The Rock” shared a more reflective text in which he delved into the pending accounts that were left with his father, after his sudden death.

Rocky Johnson, who like his son was also a professional wrestler in the WWE, was a very popular figure during the eighties, eventually being crowned victorious in the “Couples Championship” category and, precisely, that was the moment he shared.

In the post, Johnson wrote: “Sending flowers to heaven dedicated to my old man, Rocky “Soulman” Johnson. My dad, along with “Mr. Usa” Tony Atlas, made history in professional wrestling by establishing themselves as the first African-American heavyweight contenders to win the WWE tag team championship. He triumphed on a very difficult path and cleared the way for all of us, men of colorboth in sports and entertainment.”

Later, and in a markedly emotional tone, the actor becomes much more introspective to reflect on his own history and his bond with his father.

“My regret in this life is not having had the chance to say goodbye to him, since he died suddenly. I regret not having reconciled the conflicts that went through our relationship between father and son before we lost him. He taught me with tough fatherly love and an even tougher hand. And the longer I live my life, the more grateful I feel for that. We’ll see you at the end of the road, Soulman,” he concluded.

The post soon received thousands of messages of support and many followers briefly shared similar stories, showing strong empathy with its message.

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