Edith Márquez complains about the media for attending her wedding without an invitation – El Diario NY

Edith Márquez complains about the media for attending her wedding without an invitation – El Diario NY

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The Mexican singer Edith Márquez wanted her wedding with Iñaki Marcos to be privateso he only invited people close to him and did not invite the media. However, days before they were informed about the place where the ceremony would take place and the exact date.

That the media arrived at the ceremony without being invited made Márquez upsetand let it be known before the cameras that they received her at the airport days after the wedding.

“That day the press was not called and I did turn around and say hello, for those who say no. They were not summoned. You know that I have always taken care of you very well. That was a day when I wanted peace, not even to cause any problems, we simply wanted to be relaxed, calm.“Márquez said before the cameras of several media outlets at the airport.

At no time did he stop to give the statements, as he said that they were late for the flight.

While walking he explained the reason why the presence of the media in the place bothered him: “Whenever I talk to them here, on the radio, wherever I go, I always say one thing and the media then show another. Not all, but some yes. And that means a lot to me because I have always been very cool.”

It must be remembered that The scoop on the day and place of Márquez’s wedding was released by reporter Vicky Lópezwho works for the radio program ‘Everything for Women’, led by Maxine Woodside.

In this program it was said that the wedding would be on Tuesday, April 9 in the community of Val’Quirico, Mexico. López said at the time: “It is a civil wedding. He marries by law. Don’t think it’s a ritual.”

Among the media present on the day of the wedding was a reporter from the program ‘De Primera Mano’. Here images of the bride’s arrival in a carriage were shown. In this video you can see that she greeted the press who were outside the place where the ceremony took place.

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