Erika Buenfil shows off GREAT BODY in a swimsuit from the beach at 60 years old |  PHOTOS

Erika Buenfil shows off GREAT BODY in a swimsuit from the beach at 60 years old | PHOTOS



Considered one of the queens of the social networks, Erika Buenfil has known very well how to crown itself through digital platforms, as it not only dazzles with its occurrences but also with its sensual content, since the 60 year old actress She looked more sensual than ever in swimsuit While she is on vacation, as expected, compliments rained down on the blonde.

Let us remember that it was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the protagonist of the mexican soap operas surprised everyone by becoming one of the TikTok news, because she was one of the pioneers in joining the most daring trends of the famous platform of Chinese origin, So her popularity and career reached a new generation that she herself could not imagine, and little by little her reign on the networks continues to increase.

But now, he not only shares some of the most popular challenges or different occurrences, since he can even be seen in one of his most sensual songs, well today today he enjoys his vacation after the end of his last project at Televisaso he decided to take refuge in the tropical climate and spend a few days on the beach, from where she has been seen in sensual swimsuits and the compliments from the cyber community They have not been long in coming.

Photo: IG / erikabuenfil50

The sensual image of Erika Buenfil that everyone is talking about

It is important to mention that the blonde 60 years old just finished with your partition on melodrama ‘Forgive us our sins’, and now he has decided to go to rest, because through his social networks show off how good she looks with her sensual swimsuits in one piece, because at their six decades of life and being a mother of a Teen, The blonde shows off her statuesque image and great body.

And it is that the actress has been seen in swimsuits from different colors, from pink and black to now a very colorful colored blue and with applications of other colors, because the best of all is that he has set his story to music with a song by one of the fashionable performers, and we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than Featherweight, and as expected, the pick up lines For the Mexican, they have not been long in coming.

Photo: IG / erikabuenfil50

“Beautiful, the beach suits you”; “Wow! What a beautiful Goddess, she killed it, beautiful, full and wonderful Goddess. I love you kisses”; “Years go by and always beautiful”; “Look at what beauty”; “precious like good wines”; “A woman who motivates”; “Like a princess!!!” were some of the comments that loyal fans left on the image of the beautiful actress.


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