For former manager Guillermo Cantú, coach Jaime Lozano is sitting in the hottest seat in Mexico – La Opinión

For former manager Guillermo Cantú, coach Jaime Lozano is sitting in the hottest seat in Mexico – La Opinión

Because he knows like the back of his hand how the entire series of sporting interests are managed, but above all economic and commercial. In the Mexican national team, the former manager of the Aztec representative, Guillermo Cantú, recognized that the current coach of the Mexican team Jaime Lozano: “He is sitting in the hottest seat in Mexican soccer.”

“The only thing the next Copa América tournament tells me for Jimmy is that he is sitting in the hottest seat in Mexico,” said Cantú, who under his management had to overcome moments as critical as the failure of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

This response from the former leader of the Aztec team came up when The opinionhe asked if There were grounds to think that Jaime Lozano will be able to finish the entire process until the next World Cup in 2026. Taking into account that next June, the Mexican team will have its litmus test in the 2024 Copa América, the result of which could seal the future of the current strategist for better or worse.

So the national coach in the weakest card in the deck?

That’s what you say, I believe that the Mexico coach does everything he can with the players he has at his disposal and as he has more tools to choose from he will have a better chance of being successful. Because if he has five for the nine position on different teams, it’s easier. It would even be a difficult decision to see who plays, but when you have two, when you have three, the tools are reduced and the complications for the technician are increasing.

If you had to decide, would you leave Jaime Lozano until after the World Cup?

Yes, the truth is that I see it well, although in order to help the technicians you have to make a series of decisions outside the playing field, that is the way to start thinking, but I’m telling you from 10,000 feet above, Well, I left it a long time ago and I don’t know how things are currently.

The national coach would step on calluses

But you know all the interests, you know very well how this film is handled internally. Do you think that even though mediating with clubs with these interests, Jaime Lozano can remain until the World Cup?

I think that the one who has the least influence on all these factors is the national coach. If someone from outside has to be brought in to revolutionize this whole issue, they are going to start stepping on calluses. It may not be the most prudent thing to do, but I’m telling you and I’m talking at 10 thousand feet high. In the end you have to be there and really know what is happening to know all the factors that determine the decisions, today I can’t tell you, especially because interests constantly change.

So we shouldn’t remove Jaime Lozano, as a large sector of the public is asking for?

That will never change, it is always the same, and that happens when there is a defeat that is not contemplated in the scheme. That always happens, no matter who the technician is, no matter what can happen, the same thing always happens, it doesn’t surprise me at all, I haven’t seen much because I’m on tour with my son, but I can imagine it.: I think that decisions have to be made coldly, with a cool head and I am sure that Juan Carlos “La Bomba” Rodríguez is a very intelligent person who knows what he is doing.

Guillermo Cantú also took time to talk about advisors to counteract Jaime Lozano’s inexperience. Do you think this is a good idea?

It doesn’t seem like the right decision to me, I don’t think it is the solution, that seems like the opinion of someone with a lack of experience and knowledge.

Isn’t Jaime Lozano very inexperienced for this type of company?

I don’t consider it that way. I think he has had difficult moments and obviously technicians toughen themselves in difficult moments and difficult moments always occur in the life of a technician.

US Parenthood?

The former leader of all the Mexican teams also took time to address the issue of the paternity of the United States over the Mexican team and expressly asked if Is Mexico already the son of the North American team? He responded that: “Everyone else considers themselves their children and it doesn’t go that way, but in this, pejorative terms will always be used and we react with the liver. It is true, no one likes to lose, not even us with the United States, against Costa Rica and against Honduras, or against anyone, it is true that they played better and today they have more quality in some positions, but that’s how it is.”

Imago 825096
Guillermo Cantú, former manager of the Mexico national team, was in favor of keeping Jaime Lozano as coach of the Aztec team until the 2026 World Cup. Photo: Etzel Espinosa/Imago7.

Is there talk that television stations should not continue to be involved in the decisions of Mexican soccer?

That is part of our environment, our culture, our way of doing things and it has been that way for a long time. It is often said that everyone must support, that the teams must do so and many times things are even opposed, but in the end what must prevail is to produce better Mexican players that nourish the teams.

What is your opinion on the statements of Andrés Guardado, Hirving Lozano and Edson Álvarez?

I don’t like it, I think that speaking after a long time is not good, but also I have never heard any of them say that Gerardo Martino has sold the party. I think that when things are talked about face to face, that is how things should be done and the fact that serious accusations of this type are made without any evidence seems an aberration to me, it seems that in the end they end up talking to their guts, it seems very unfortunate and very lightly that such serious judgments are made.

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