Former Real Madrid discovered not to be the biological father of his 16-year-old twins after a DNA test – La Opinion

Former Real Madrid discovered not to be the biological father of his 16-year-old twins after a DNA test – La Opinion

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The former Cameroonian soccer player Geremi Njitap, who once shone defending the colors of the Real Madrid and Chelsea shirts, he is going through a quite complex and complicated personal situation since he requested a divorce from his wife when he found out that his 16-year-old twins are not his biological children after a DNA test will confirm the aforementioned, according to information given by the Cameroon media, Actu Cameroun.

Geremi is one of the most iconic players to have worn the colors of the Cameroon national team. at all times, mainly for the African Cup of Nations titles in 2000 and 2002, as well as having won the gold medal at the Sydney Olympic Games. The player made known the motives and reasons why he separated from his ex-wife, Toukam Fotso Laure Verine, daughter of a billionaire, in the divorce certificate that was disseminated in various media outlets in Cameroon.

Complicated moments for the Cameroonian

She never stopped humiliating and despising him by covering up such degrading insults. as infamous, without hesitating to call him a ‘poor lifer’ and any other adjective,” can be seen in the report that has been published by the Actu Cameroun media.

“At the beginning of this union, the wife was kind, she did not stop lying, presenting as hers to the twin children, which motivated the marriage. The discovery by the husband that said children were those of her previous husband because they were born during this marriage, will alter the harmony of the couple. More seriously, the paternity test carried out confirmed it, forcing his wife to confess. She also convinced him to let the children go regularly with their legitimate and biological father,” the divorce certificate confesses.

The report that was released by the aforementioned media on behalf of the journalist Beaufils Zambo, talks about humiliation on the part of the ex-wife towards Geremi. She “has become, however, a conceited and belligerent wife, who locks the marital bedroom and forces her husband to sleep in other rooms in the couple’s home.” In addition, the daughter of his wife, but from another marital relationship, threatened to call the authorities.

This case is going straight to court.

The courts will be the next step for this whole issue. The Cameroonian portal indicates that marriage certificate N°033/2012 was registered in the city of Pete Bandjoun:

“These insults uttered against him and in front of his children have plunged the plaintiff into a degrading psychological state.”making him lose all esteem and consideration as a man, father, husband or spouse of the mother in relation to her children: that these insults constitute a serious and repeated violation of the duties and obligations that result from marriage and make the maintenance of the marital bond intolerable , in accordance with article 232 of the Code,” indicates the extensive report presented by Geremi’s lawyer in order to demand the divorce request of the person who currently holds the position as president of the National Footballers Union of Cameroon.

Geremi, born on December 20, 1978 in Baffousam, Cameroon, played on the court as a defender/midfielder who achieved recognition in international football after his excellent years wearing the colors of Club Merengue, Real Madrid (1999/2002), where he also managed to win two Champions Leagues, a League and a Spanish Super Cup and He was also able to play in the Premier League with Chelsea (2003-2007), in which he played 109 official matches. He also had a stint at Cerro Porteño in Paraguay (1997) and participated in two World Cups with his national team (Korea-Japan 2002 and South Africa 2010).

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