Formula 1 would seek to change the scoring format for the 2025 season – La Opinion

Formula 1 would seek to change the scoring format for the 2025 season – La Opinion

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The 2024 Formula 1 season is being quite special since the top category Motorsports will have a total of 24 Grand Prix on its calendar and it will be the longest in its entire history. The Dutch driver Max Verstappen, who defends the colors of the Red Bull Racing team, scored his fourth victory of the year in 5 races that have been run so far in the Chinese Grand Prix.

With that victory, Verstappen took 33 of the 34 points he could reach a driver to date, taking into account that he was the winner of the sprint race and the main race of the weekend.

Important changes for 2025

In this context, the Formula 1 board will be analyzing a change important for next season where the scoring format could undergo important changes.

According to information from the specialized media MotorSport, the FIA ​​and the Commission of the Formula 1 They will have meetings in the coming days to evaluate a change in the scoring system for the 2025 season. The central idea proposed is that the points have a distribution among the first 12 places at the end of each race.

The intention of this is to drive the change forward and ensure minimal impact in the fight for the general positions of the drivers’ championship and that this proposal does not have the mission of modifying the points for those who finish at the front of the drivers’ grid.

If the proposal receives the approval of the parties involvedthe first seven positions of the race will remain unchanged and what would be modified would be the points starting from the eighth position.

What would the scoreboard look like in 2025?

The winner of the Grand Prix will continue to be awarded a total of 25 points, the same as second place. (18) and whoever completes the podium with a third place (15). From fourth to seventh they will remain with 12, 10, 8 and 6 points in their favor. Starting in eighth place is where the change in scores would come, since the driver who crosses the finish line in that position would add five points instead of four and the score would be one at a time. That is, from ninth to 12th they would add: 9th (4), 10th (3), 11th (2) and 12th (1).

Why are you considering making this change?

The scoring proposal would be being promoted after some “pressure” from the teams less recognized since for them it would be a clear improvement in every sense to be able to score some points in the races and it would be a much more competitive and enjoyable competition for fans in general and even the drivers.

MotorSport made it clear that the talks to discuss the proposal would be taking place when The teams will join the FIA ​​and Formula 1 management at an F1 Commission meeting in Geneva via video conference.

The next race to take place will take place in the United States when the Miami Grand Prix is ​​held next Sunday, May 5 at the Miami International Autodrome.

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