Francisca tells how her exercise routines are going after Franco’s birth – El Diario NY

Francisca tells how her exercise routines are going after Franco’s birth – El Diario NY

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FranciscaDominican television presenter, published a video on her Instagram account to share with her followers that she returned to the gym shortly after her son Franco was born.

“Today, she is back, as my husband says, I’m back, ‘she is back’, let’s see where these weights and the gym take me. Wish me luck,” she said to explain that she is ready to get her fitness on and lose a few pounds.

In the stories, the winner of ‘Our Latina Beauty’ in 2015 was quite enthusiastic about resuming this activity that will also help her have a different moment in the day.

A few days ago the host of ‘Despierta América’ was talking about her exercises. In her Instagram stories, the famous woman said: “I’ve already started the gym. Doing what I can to find the perfect balance. Women are the most wonderful beings that exist! Yes sir”.

Likewise, she revealed: “I was going to take a photo at the gym but I forgot, because as I am a mother of two, my time is limited.”

In the video he also commented: “So I come, I have to exercise for exactly one hour and run home so that I have time to be with my two little boys.”

However, he explained that rejoining these physical routines has been difficult for him because of the organization: “But here juggling, to try to stay fit. of being a good wife, of being a good daughter, of being a good mother… of cleaning the house, of cooking well, trying to find the perfect balance.”

One of the things she clarified is that she consulted her doctor if she was ready to do exercises and revealed that everything is fine to do so: “The doctor said yes, I can do everything now. Those 40 days have passed, so let’s get back to the things I love to do.”

Francisca is one of the most popular Hispanic television personalities in the United States. This thanks to her charisma, with which she has managed to connect with millions of people. For this reason, many are interested in knowing about her special moments in her life, which she mostly shares through social networks.

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