Frustration in the Águilas del América after the match against Pachuca – La Opinión

Frustration in the Águilas del América after the match against Pachuca – La Opinión

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The Águilas del América could not become strong at home. The heat of the Azteca Stadium was not enough for the azulcrema team to pass the 1-1 draw against the Tuzos del Pachuca. The semifinal of the Concacaf Champions League will be defined in the second leg, but André Jardine acknowledged his frustration.

In the first minutes of the game, Club América tilted the field and managed to corner the Tuzos. Alejandro Zendejas scored 1-0 12 minutes into the first half. However, Guillermo Almada’s team became firmer as the minutes passed and they grew in their game.

A tough game, as we imagined, we wanted to winit was a game where we were looking for an advantage, it was the objective we had (…) we need to make decisions that make a difference, Pachuca grows in the game, they find a goal, they put us back (…) There is a little frustration about not winning, but the key is open“Jardine explained at a press conference.

Andrés Micolta achieved the tie on the scoreboard 40 minutes into the first half. The Tuzos of Pachuca showed that they will not give up this series easily and will be a complex rival for Club América, one of the great favorites to lift the Concachampions.

It’s normal, we are facing tough gamess (…) For me it is normal, a semi-final against a team that has its identity, It is almost a classic in Mexico, they always confront each other in final instances, you have to understand this. These types of matches are defined in details, it cost us the dead ball,” he added.

André Jardine is already thinking about returning

With the series 1-1, the Concachampions semifinal will be defined at the Hidalgo Stadium. Pachuca has an advantage due to the home field factor and having scored a goal as a visitor. Even though the goalless draw qualifies Pachuca, André Jardine sees it unlikely that the next game will end without scores.

“This duel does not seem to me that the local factor makes a difference, I remember a 3-0 in Pachuca here in Azteca, a 3-0 in Pachuca for América. (…) We will hardly finish without goals, a 0-0 draw is unlikelystarting with two favors us, but America thinks nothing other than to always give their best and get the result in the next game,” he concluded.

The Tuzos del Pachuca will host Club América on Tuesday, April 30. This match will take place at the Hidalgo Stadium. Both clubs are one step away from playing the final of the Concachampions Champions League.

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