Gaby Espino denounces that her Twitter account and telephone line were hacked

Gaby Espino denounces that her Twitter account and telephone line were hacked

Gaby Espino.

Gaby Espino.

Photo: Gaby Espino / Courtesy

Gaby Espino denounces that her Twitter account and telephone line were hacked. This is how the Venezuelan actress, presenter and businesswoman made it known, through a video that she shared on Instagram where she was very concerned about what happened.

This happened on December 31, it was already January 1 very late… I was able to get in and send a message that I was being hacked“explained Gaby, who says that she also he managed to erase what they had written in his name.

But the situation became more serious days later, when The scammers went even further, hacking into his phone line and even calling the mobile company on his behalf, with his personal information. and establishing another apparatus for the line.

That not only alarmed her for the social network, but for all her personal and financial information. Gaby also assured that this is already in the hands of the fraud departments of both companies: Twitter and T-Mobile.

Nevertheless, So far, he still has not recovered his social network account, nor his telephone linethe one that ensures that it would hurt to lose, because it is the one that he has had for many years.

Let’s remember that a few months ago Gaby denounced Aleska Génesis and her sisters for having hired a hacker to close her Instagram accountone of its tools that generates a source of labor income. Something that the model denied.

On this occasion, Although he has not spoken about it, nor has he indicated them in the video, we were able to find out unofficially that Espino would not be thinking that he was coming from his ex’s ex, but from a network of people dedicated to robbery and fraud.

For now, Gaby will continue to hope that both companies take responsibility for what happened, take action and recover both things, especially her telephone line.



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