Galilea Montijo and her boyfriend Isaac Moreno show off their love in Spain – El Diario NY

Galilea Montijo and her boyfriend Isaac Moreno show off their love in Spain – El Diario NY

The driver Galilea Montijoand her boyfriend, the model Isaac Morenothey showed off their love during a recent trip that the couple enjoyed in Spain.

The actress, too, and the leading man, shared through their respective Instagram accounts a series of photographs of the most romantic and fun moments of the walk they experienced in some places in Madrid, where they showed affection for each other. between hugs, laughter and knowing looksmaking it clear how happy they are right now.

Galilea Montijo announced in March of last year her separation from Fernando Reina, after 11 years of marriage, with whom she had her son Mateo, who recently turned 12 years old.

Months later, in October, the 50-year-old famous woman published the first photo next to Moreno on her networks to confirm their relationship.

Who is Isaac Moreno, Galilea Montijo’s new boyfriend?

Although he is dedicated to modeling, Isaac Moreno studied accounting. He has 42 years.

According to Spanish media, he is originally from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, and has a son named Timothy, nine years old.

He and Galilea would have met through a mutual stylist friend.

Moreno is a very active person on his social networks, where he publishes photographs and information about several of his facets, both his work and his daily life.

He also shares images next to the driver, as well as with his son.

Galilea Montijo is criticized for her relationship with Isaac Moreno

Galilea Montijo has been highly criticized on social networks for her new relationship and the trips she has made with the model, from Bali, Brazil and now Europe, as they claim that she He is the one who bears all the expenses.

Even at the beginning of their relationship, journalists Jorge Carbajal and Felipe Cruz reported on their program ‘En Shock’ that Montijo was so serious about his new relationship that he apparently gave everything to the young Spaniard.

“It turns out that evil tongues say, well no, those who are close to her say that she already he bought her an apartment and a new car him“The young man is already making his debut,” it was said in the program.

There are no details about what the apartment that Montijo bought from Moreno looks like, or what its location is, but it is undoubtedly a big expense that the presenter made, they said.

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