Georgina Palacios and Gabriel Parisi presented their newborn

Georgina Palacios and Gabriel Parisi presented their newborn

The actress Georgina Palacios and the singer Gabriel Parisi shared the first images of their second baby, who was born on Wednesday, November 23.

It was through her Instagram profile that the proud mother uploaded the photos of Nicolás, the name she chose with her husband to make her second heir known.

«Our second prince Nicolás Gabriel is here, what a great emotion. Our heart expands and we cannot be happier “😍😍”, commented the daughter of Jorge Palacios.

Georgina Palacios
Collage: Chévere composition

The little one came into the world after a pregnancy with ups and downs, the product of a condition called thrombophilia and that forced the young woman to inject herself with an anticoagulant medication for months in order to reach a successful pregnancy.

“Welcome son, together we will now form a wonderful family of four. This is the best Thanksgiving that God has given us. A day to give thanks and you are the greatest blessing we could ask for @soynicolasgabriel“continued the artist.

Georgina Palacios expressed her joy because her little one was already in her arms after a cesarean section and stated that both she and Parisi love him with all their hearts.

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