Giancarlo Esposito reveals that he thought about his murder so that his children could collect his life insurance – El Diario NY

Giancarlo Esposito reveals that he thought about his murder so that his children could collect his life insurance – El Diario NY

After his successful role as the cold and calculating “Gus Fring” in the renowned and award-winning series “Breaking Bad”, the career of the actor of Italian origin Giancarlo Esposito He received a great boost, to the point of being considered, today, one of the best actors on the Hollywood scene. However, and what many do not know, is that the award-winning artist suffered a severe economic and personal crisis that forced him to think about his own death.

During his participation in the most recent episode of the podcast “Jim and Sam Show“, the actor of “The Boys” He spoke openly about the beginning of his career, which was overshadowed by a bad streak that lasted until 2008, the year in which he was “totally ruined.”

Faced with this situation, and as a result of desperation to solve this moment, the actor thought about taking drastic measures to “help” his family.

The first thing I thought of was my father-in-law, who worked in insurance. I started asking my wife what amount I was insured for, and I started thinking about it. I started asking them questions like if you could collect insurance if you committed suicide, and she told me it was complex. “She had no idea why she was asking him all this”

Giancarlo Esposito


Giancarlo Esposito thought about death to “save his family”

In the same interview, the “Abigail” singer confessed that he even planned to hire a hitman to kill him with the intention that his family would collect his life insurance.

Then I thought about hiring someone to kill me, it would be a very unfortunate death and my family would collect the insurance. He had four children and wanted them to have a decent life.

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However, after carefully thinking through his plan, Esposito He realized that this action would only cause greater harm despite the intention of “saving” his family: “But then I thought that it would not be viable because the pain it would cause them would be for life, and precisely that trauma is “What I wanted to get away from and not pass on to my children.”

As revealed by the actor, and after putting aside his plan to seek death, he found his salvation: “Breaking Bad”. And according to what the actor stated, the series starring Bryan Cranstonin which Esposito plays an important mobster who hides behind the figure of a chicken store manager, revived his career and allowed him to obtain new roles.

Giancarlo Esposito on a red carpet.
Giancarlo Esposito was part of the film “Abigail”.
Credit: Official Account of X by Giancarlo Esposito | Courtesy

After his role in “Breaking Bad”, the actor joined major Hollywood productions such as “Better Call Saul“, “The Boys“, “The Mandalorian“, among others.

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