Good news: COVID-19 cases decline in Premier League for second week in a row


Cases of COVID-19 on the Premier league, the division of honor of English football, have decreased for the second week in a row and 72 infections have been registered in the last seven days.

Between Monday, January 3 and Sunday, January 9, 12,973 tests were carried out on soccer players and club workers, of which 72 tested positive for coronavirus.

The Premier League uses daily antigen tests and only uses PCR to confirm positives. To reduce infections, a few weeks ago specific protocols for this situation were put in place, with greater respect for social distance, the use of masks outdoors, more tests and the reduction of time in treatment such as massages, to reduce contact indoors.

At the last count, registered 94 cases in the Premier.

The outbreak of cases in the UK, as a consequence of the appearance in December of the omicron variant, has already caused the postponement of 19 Premier League games, the last of them Everton-Leicester City this week.

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