The “waifus” of Genshin Impact come to Left 4 Dead in a curious crossover

The “waifus” of Genshin Impact come to Left 4 Dead in a curious crossover

Genshin Impact Today it has one of the most active communities that can be seen in the world of video games, and its fans find in the great diversity of characters many protagonists for types of works that can later be seen scattered on the internet, such as illustrations or cosplays. But now, with the help of a user, we will see that the expansion has reached other games, such as the legendary Left 4 Deadsince as a Facebook user shares, several of the girls in the title of Hoyoverse They have been taken to the apocalyptic world to face the zombies.

Several Genshin Impact “waifus” are brought to the world of Left 4 Dead in an eye-catching video

Genshin Impact FurinaGenshin Impact Furina

From the social network Facebook, the user Sakai Shrine shared a curious video which has as its protagonist two very important games within its genre, since both Genshin Impactas well as Left 4 Dead They are the protagonists of this publication that surprised fans with its content. And more precisely, it is the different “waifus” of the Hoyoverse title who will get all the attention, since we will see them armed and prepared to survive within the apocalyptic world of Left 4 Dead 2.

The user shared the video as the “new update of Genshin Impact“, and even in the presentation we can see the classic home screen of this game, to immediately be taken to the game Valve, meeting a group of survivors who in this case are different “waifus”. Those more familiar with them will notice how Sangonomiya Kokomi, Nilou, Mona Megistus and Furina in this case are the ones who arm themselves to fight against the hordes of zombies. But there are more girls, since shortly after the video progresses we will find that Kamisato Ayaka, Ganyu and Shenhe are also present in this world.

But the combination of mods that can be seen in the video is not only limited to the adaptation of the “waifus” to the shooter, but, to best blend into this new world, the weapons that they use throughout the game. video have also been personalized, all focused on the theme of the Genshin Impact. Lastly, although usually in Left 4 Dead Hordes of zombies must be eliminated, in this video we see that the enemies are now the Hilichurl, a common enemy of the Hoyoverse game, so the immersion is total.

Genshin Impact-Sangonomiya Kokomi-Cover-03Genshin Impact-Sangonomiya Kokomi-Cover-03

For those who are interested in playing this “collaboration” between both games, you should know that there are several mods used in the video, from those that change the original characters with “waifus”, the skins that have the weapons and also to be able to change the default enemies to be those of Genshin Impact. Finally, the users who came across this video, in different comments, took the opportunity to take it as a joke, since this was the main reason for the publication, and the variety ranges from those mentioning that this is what Genshin Impact would look like if it were a good game until it is the definitive version of both installments.

Left 4 Dead It is one of the most important sagas that exist, and the last title, released in 2009, is still very popular today among players, especially thanks to the great ability to have customization thanks to the use of mods. For its part, Genshin Impact is a gacha-style video game that is characterized by having an extensive, fully explorable map, in addition to its real-time combat system where the combination of elements (Electro, Dendro, etc.) is vital to advance in its story.

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