Gossip No Like reveals the DANGEROUS disease that William Levy would have transmitted to Elizabeth Gutiérrez

Gossip No Like reveals the DANGEROUS disease that William Levy would have transmitted to Elizabeth Gutiérrez


In case of Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy continues to give something to talk about, according to the well-known entertainment program Gossip No Like, the actress is facing one of the most bitter passages of her life not only due to the definitive separation from her still husband William Levy, but because her state of health could be in trouble due to the lifestyle that William Levy supposedly lives in privacy.

In recent days the actress made public the decision that both she and william decided to go their separate ways after 20 years of relationship, the straw that broke the camel’s back would have been an altercation between the couple who were already known for the actor’s history of alleged infidelities towards his wife, the fights and the multiple times that Elizabeth He forgave him, however, it seems that this time the breakup is final.

It was recently reported that the Miami police had to intervene at Levy’s home due to some inconveniences in which it was reported that the couple’s daughter tried to open her father’s bedroom, but William objected to his daughter being able to enter. in the bedroom. According to the program Gossip No LikeWilliam maintains a life of excess, which would also have contributed to the deterioration of his marital relationship.


William Levy’s lifestyle would have affected his family and marriage relationship

According to the broadcast of the popular program, the pace of life of william would have irreparably affected his family and marital relationship, in addition to the fact that on multiple occasions he has been accused of having extramarital relationships with women in the environment and even with his co-workers, a situation that would have ended up tiring his wife Elizabeth Gutiérrez to the point of to end his marriage.

According to information transmitted by the program, Gossip No Likesome people close to the couple would be worried about the state of health of the couple. Elizabeth because as a consequence of his possible infidelities, William would have infected his wife with a disease of sexual transmission, the sources consulted did not specify which one nor were they in charge of giving more details about it.

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