Green Card: The 8 main BENEFITS that permanent residence in the United States gives you

Green Card: The 8 main BENEFITS that permanent residence in the United States gives you

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The benefits What does it mean to have a card? home permanent or Green Card There are many, which is why this document is so precious for many people with foreign citizenship who have decided to build their future in the United States. This accreditation allows the people who are its holders to live, settle and work in USA permanently without fear of being deported.

There are different ways to obtain a Green Cardwhether due to marriage, employment or family reunification, it is likely that at first the document will be valid for only 2 years, this card is considered a Green Card conditional, before this period expires, the holder must complete the process of renewal and elimination of conditions before the US authorities.

Generally the period for which a resident permanent must live in USA Under this status it is a maximum of 10 years, after this period of time, the holder of the document may be a candidate to process the long-awaited US citizenship process. The benefits of having a Green Card There are many, in case you don’t know them and are interested in carrying out the procedure, we will share with you what they are.

Benefits of having a Green Card in the United States

  • The main benefit that is long awaited by some foreign citizens is, as already mentioned, that this document is the prelude to being able to carry out the registration process. American citizenship.
  • Through this card, the holder can live and work absolutely legally within the territory of the United States without fear of being deported, since their status supports the authorization issued by the immigration authorities.
  • Thanks to the Green Card You will be able to benefit your family, since the direct relatives of the holder can request to travel to the country and establish themselves legally thanks to the beneficiary who already has the document,
  • You will also be able to enter and leave the country without fear that customs agents will USA impede or hinder your passage.
  • You will be able to access help to continue your studies if you consider it, your academic activities may be sponsored by the state if you do not have the necessary financial resources.
  • You can also have access to health insurance, including Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, and Medicare benefits.
  • You will receive protection from the laws in various matters, established for the inhabitants of the USA.
  • You will have access to security clearances and exemptions from export restrictions.
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