Henry Martin sees himself at the Club World Cup;  First clue about his contract renewal with América?  – The opinion

Henry Martin sees himself at the Club World Cup; First clue about his contract renewal with América? – The opinion

The Águilas del América scorer Henry Martin gave the first big clue on the subject of his contract renewal with the Coapa team, in an issue that has captured the attention of Mexican soccer because unofficially There are offers from Rayados del Monterrey and some Major League Soccer (MLS) teams and he did so at the press conference prior to another edition of the National Classic.

In the midst of the interest that has polarized national football due to the celebration of three games in ten days of this rivalry between the American team and the Sacred Flock, The Coapa team’s gunner advanced details of what could happen with his future with his current team.

“The classics are won, we always try that. We know how important it is for the club, for us and for the fans; They are the goals we set for ourselves, We have to go for all the championships we have, the Club World Cup is a very important challenge, I want to be there, it would be a dream come true,” said Martin, with which there is a clearer clue of what can happen with his team. in the renewal of your contract.

Under this statement it should be noted that it has been unofficially reported that there is interest from Monterrey and some MLS teams for the services of the Yucatecan striker from América.

In the press conference that was held prior to this Wednesday’s duel, the creams attacker also stated that: “Scoring a goal, no matter who it is against, is a source of great pride and happiness for me and I show it when I celebrate. The celebrations are a lot for the fans, but that’s it, we don’t want to offend anyone, I once offended someone, I apologized, the celebrations generate controversy, mischief, sometimes those types of things are missing. You will see celebrations, from me or from my teammates, whether it is my turn to score or not, they are celebrated,” said the striker of the Mexican national team.

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Henry Martin, América forward, according to his own words, sees himself with América in the Club World Cup. Photo: Ramón Balandrán/Imago7.

The topics that were asked were varied and among them he highlighted the career that the greatest figure of Chivas, Chicharito Hernández, has had. but he clarified that: “this kind of games (the classics are won by the teams, it is not a matter of a single player,” he concluded.

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