How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going today, just hours before the 14th elimination – El Diario NY

How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going today, just hours before the 14th elimination – El Diario NY

Today, The House of the Famous 4 will undergo a new elimination process. On this occasion we have Lupillo Rivera, Aleska Génesis, Paulo Quevedo, Cristina Porta, Patricia Corcino and Maripily Rivera on the list of nominees. On Sunday, April 28, Alana Lliteras gave salvation to Geraldine Bazán, and for this reason the Mexican actress will not enter the SUM today.

How are the votes going for La Casa de los Famosos 4, today, April 26?

Prior to salvation, in the voting on Friday, April 26, the two nominees who were in danger of elimination were: Aleska Génesis and Paulo Quevedo.

Today, the voting dawns with this trend, after the salvation of Geraldine Bazán: Paulo and Patricia are in last place, in the voting intention of the Hispanic public.

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Alana’s salvation somewhat divided the public, but received approval from many others. The fact that Aleska Génesis is among the nominees today fulfills the wish of many people, who have been asking for her in the SUM since the last nomination, because of how she has been treating someone who was her friend and who still cooks for her in this reality show.

Alana Lliteras’ fans and many followers of the fourth water and the fourth land want the Venezuelan out of this game. There are many who claim that they can no longer stand this double game that she carries, because even if she says part of the water and even if she brings information to her room, she always opens a smear campaign against Alana whenever she can. This is what has made many ask for votes to be united in favor of the fourth fire in order to leave Aleska alone in the elimination room, today, April 29.

The voting intention has had her and Paulo Quevedo low in votes, but many believe that in the SUM tonight there will be: Cristina Porta and Aleska Génesis, for the first time, together in an elimination process with their destiny in the hands of the public .

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