How to obtain American residency through work?

How to obtain American residency through work?

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The Green Card grants foreigners the rpermanent residence in USA and upon obtaining it, your immigration status changes to a legal immigrant, that is, you can live, work and even study safely and indefinitely. One of the easiest ways to request it yourself without the need for family members is through the jobPlus it’s faster. If you are about to do this procedure, here we explain what the process is like and the steps you have to follow to get it approved in 2024.

Unlike tourists who travel with a type B1/B2 visa, holders of the Green Card have more benefits, starting with a longer stay that extends up to 10 years, permission to work as a foreigner and even have social security, as well as being able to make a request for your romantic partner and children to travel and live with you. Acquiring this document is very important for those who want to become US citizens.

Other ways to obtain the permanent residence They are through a family member, because they are married to a US citizen or requesting asylum; Although if none of these fit your case, it is best to process it yourself and you can only achieve it through employment. In this instance, companies are allowed to hire foreigners as long as they can demonstrate that there are no US citizens available to fill the position, otherwise the request will be denied.


Green Card through employment in the United States

Within the immense catalog of visas United Statess we find the category of immigrants, that is, it is intended for people who want to live and work permanently in the country. These visas are granted to workers who meet the requirements of the category that best suits their profile, but before applying for it you should know that they are only approved to those who already have a job proposal from a US company, which they must do. a petition to USCIS in your name.

Employment visas to apply for the Green Card:

  • First preference EB-1: workers with extraordinary abilities or executive workers
  • Second preference EB-2: professionals with a graduate degree
  • Third preference EB-3: professionals and specialized workers
  • Fourth EB-4 preference: “special” immigrants
  • EB-5 Fifth Preference: Business Investors

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