How to prepare fertilizer with 1 homemade ingredient so that your trees are full of fruit

How to prepare fertilizer with 1 homemade ingredient so that your trees are full of fruit

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Pay your floors It is essential if you want them to grow strong and healthy, to achieve good health for your floors and that fill with fruits You must provide them with the necessary nutrients to sustain flowering and thus be able to give you a much more abundant harvest of fruits. To achieve this, you must provide your plants with some basic care, such as ensuring that they have a good level of hydration and that the soil is nourished and in good condition. state.

You can achieve these two objectives thanks to the pass with 1 ingredient that today we will share with you, thanks to this natural fertilizer you will be able to enrich the soil of your plants, especially that of your fruit trees that require a higher level of nitrogen in the substrate to, in addition to staying strong, be able to carry out the flowering and production process. fruits. Nitrogen is truly important in this task because it is also the element responsible for giving sweetness to fruits.

If you want to prepare this pass 100% natural you will require some ingredients that are easy to get or that we commonly have at home. This fertilizer is applied directly to the soil of your plants and is prolonged release so you do not need to repeat the application very often, once a month is enough for your trees to take advantage of its benefits.

How can I prepare this natural fertilizer so that my trees are full of fruit?

To prepare this organic fertilizer you need 2 cups of agricultural lime, 1 cup of tobacco, 10 cups of soil for floorstwo liters of water. In a container, place the soil for plants and add the lime and the measure of tobacco, stir the ingredients so that they are perfectly mixed, when integrating the ingredients you must take care that there are no lime stones left because it could be harmful to the plants. floorsmake sure to disintegrate the lime completely and mix it thoroughly with the substrate.

When the mixture is ready, on the leg of the Fruit tree that we want to fertilize, we will dig a circle in the ground, around the tree, in the furrow that remains we will place this natural fertilizer and then we will moisten so that the earth is compacted and the nutrients begin to be absorbed into the roots. Make sure the pass remains completely moist, this fertilizer in addition to nourishing your Fruit tree It is helpful in repelling pests and fungi. Fertilize your trees once a month so that they fill with fruit quickly.

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