How to remove GREASE from the kitchen extractor hood with 2 ingredients?

How to remove GREASE from the kitchen extractor hood with 2 ingredients?

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The cleaning of the kitchen It is not an easy task. And although in general there are many tricks for every type of gadget or surface that is in it, there is one addition that produces headaches at all times: the extractor hood. Although it is essential in all kitchens to help eliminate odors and purify the air while we cook, what is hidden behind its structure is what is worrying. In general, all the impurities that come out of pots and pans end up there through the filter, and over time, the extractor hood it is going bad.

When the extractor hood It’s not enough anymore, it’s not surprising that the odors it protects begin to come out and invade all the rooms of the house, and therefore, the cleaning The filter is key. Of course, the idea of ​​setting aside a moment to degrease it is tedious, but there is a Home remedy so that this is economical, faster, and very effective.

How to remove GREASE from the kitchen extractor hood with 2 ingredients?

Once you have decided to go to the kitchen to do it cleaning from your extractor hoodthe first step will be to remove your filter and place it very carefully in the sink. Subsequently, boil water, and when the bubbles begin to come out, place a dishwashing tablet inside (or a soluble dish soap.) Try to keep the resulting mixture very hot, and then, very carefully, pour it over the filter.

Little by little, you will notice how the mixture will slide the fat through the filter, and thus, all the impurity accumulated in it will begin to “melt” as if by magic. It is important to note that not all dishwashing tablets or soluble soaps will dissolve to the same extent; However, it is not essential that this occurs completely, as you can continue using the mixture for the cleaning until you feel that the filter is free of grease.

When this happens, clean any soap residue or small grease particles with warm water. Use a soft sponge to remove possible adhesions, and when you are finished, dry the filter of the extractor hood with kitchen paper. This way, you will have a filter ready for new “battles” against fumes, odors, and other trifles that come from your culinary ideas (specifically from your pots and pans.)

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