Hugo González explains how mentality changes as there are no relegations in the Liga MX – La Opinion

Hugo González explains how mentality changes as there are no relegations in the Liga MX – La Opinion

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Following the recent failures of the Mexican team and the lack of positive results, many analysts have attempted to explain the causes of these evils. One of the reasons lies in thedue to lack of competitiveness in a Liga MX in which if you finish last, nothing happens. Hugo González reaffirmed this position.

Several analysts consider that the lack of promotions and relegations in Liga MX has been part of the problem. Right off the bat, Hugo González agreed with this argument, as he explained that the feeling of the footballers is not the same.

Obviously it changes. Being downgraded is not the same as having to pay a fine. It’s not even close to the concern you have as a player but obviously you’re on the lookout, you don’t want to pay that fine, no one wants to be in the last places in either the quotient table or the tournament table. That part hurts us and we want to deliver good accounts“González said to Sure Sports.

These impressions were offered by the Mazatlán goalkeeper, an institution that has been in the last places in Liga MX consecutively. If there were relegations, this club would have lost the category many seasons ago.

Liga MX and a format that would benefit

Several weeks ago, since Cancún FC explained that the only possibility for Carlos Vela to return to Mexico is with this club. However, it is very complex for the “Bombardero” to permanently play in the Liga Expansión MX. The absence of promotions cuts off the projects of the clubs in the other tournament and impedes the nation’s football development.

Hugo González himself considers it beneficial that Mexican soccer has this format again. Losing the category is a punishment that would increase the competitiveness and level of the clubs. Likewise, fighting for a place in Liga MX would benefit the clubs of the Liga Expansión in power. hire renowned players who would have something juicy to fight for.

I think so, (promotion and relegation) makes the league more competitive in general. These are things that we are not asked about,” he concluded.

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