‘I’m not coming back!’: Maluma’s annoyance because they didn’t let him enter a store in Colombia wearing shorts – El Diario NY

‘I’m not coming back!’: Maluma’s annoyance because they didn’t let him enter a store in Colombia wearing shorts – El Diario NY

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The Colombian singer Maluma He reported in his account on

In the publication he made on March 6, the ‘Coco Loco’ singer told what happened.

“Yesterday they were not going to let me enter a place in Medellín because I had shorts, who are the people who decide how you should be dressed to fit in a place? Putting people down for how they dress… How you look doesn’t define who you are! I’m not coming back!” he wrote in the text.

This situation caused a stir on social networks, because many considered that this type of situation should not occur.

“If it happens to you, what awaits us?” “Incredible. It’s stupid and they lose”, “In Bogotá if they don’t see you wearing a coat or jacket, the secretaries won’t give you an appointment. It is a cultural issue. A wise saying: wherever you go, do what you see.”some users wrote.

Other messages that were read were to criticize Maluma, as they considered that locals can reserve the right to admission or also demand a dress code.

“It’s called the dress code, you know very well, what’s the point of you complaining if it has to be followed? It doesn’t matter how famous you are, or how much the people of your country love you. They are rules and that’s it”, “And what crown does Mr. Maluma have? He goes and sends you home conceited,” he wrote.

There were also those who stated: “How horrible you are behaving like a nouveau riche, fomenting hatred and spreading idiotic discourses of equality. There are etiquette rules that exist in places and they must be respected. Just because you are famous doesn’t give you any right to try to put an end to someone’s business. You can be a very millionaire but you lack humility and, above all, good education. Very good for the establishment and I hope it has not given in to their pressure. “Bobzo.”

These types of situations, which Maluma has now exposed, cause constant debate, as some claim that clothing should not be an element to restrict someone from entering an establishment. Although others believe that companies can set the rules to let a person enjoy their services.

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