Jabari Smith Jr and Kris Dunn were involved in a wild fight on a recent NBA day – La Opinion

Jabari Smith Jr and Kris Dunn were involved in a wild fight on a recent NBA day – La Opinion

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The match between the Houston Rockets and the Utah Jazz of the NBA left one of the most tense moments and colorful of the last days in the best basketball league in the world when Jabari Smith Jr. and Kris Dunn starred in a moment where they came to blows and it did not go any further thanks to the intervention of the referees and teammates, as well as also the technical staff of both squads.

What happened?

The event took place just 5 seconds after the second began. fourth of the confrontation between both quintets; Both Smith Jr. and Dunn were immersed in an exchange of shoves and several blows thrown from both sides that culminated in the expulsion of both from the match.

The altercation occurred far from a ball action and had no physical consequences. since none of those involved managed to land a full blow before they were separated by the referees, teammates and part of the technical staff.

Dunn takes responsibility for his actions in the fight

The game ended with a victory for the Houston Rockets with a score of 147 to 119 over the Utah Jazz and guard/guard Kris Dunn offered his thoughts and comments on the altercation: “We exchanged a couple of words, a couple of pushes and we were ejected. “I take responsibility for my actions and whatever the league decides for me, I have to respect.”

Although Dunn made his position firm to assume the responsibilities for his actions in the fight against Jabari Smith Júnior, the latter preferred not to make any comments on the matter.

Smith Junior and Dunn have a history of fighting

This confrontation marked the second on the court by Jabari Smith Jr.. and Kris Dunn in less than two months, so there is already history and a bad atmosphere every time they face each other; A similar altercation occurred at the beginning of the season, and this only means that the rivalry will continue to grow.

With the Rockets’ overwhelming victory over the Jazz (147-119), They add their eighth win in a row and continue to set the pace of play that can put them in the fight for a place in the Play-In positions of the Western Conference.

The Rockets are just two losses away of the Golden State Warriors, who occupy the tenth place necessary to qualify for the Play-In phase.

The collective game helped the Rockets more than they could

In Houston they stood out for the individual performance of several of their players, but they did the necessary work to be able to combine and reach the large number of points with which they finally won the final match. The Rockets made a total of 27 three-point shots, leaving them just two shy of the official NBA record that belongs to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Jalen Green shined in a stellar way, scoring a total of 41 points with 7 three-pointers made together with Fred VanVleet who added 34 points, 10 of which were three-point shots from fifteen attempts at the rim.

Houston has a record so far in the regular season of 35 wins and 35 losses, the Rockets show that they have the resilience and determination necessary to be able to close many mouths and reach a place that takes them to one of the Playoff spots. For their part, the Warriors have a record so far in the regular season of 36 wins and 33 losses, establishing a tight competitive scenario for the last games of the regular season.

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