Javier Aguirre criticizes the attitudes of Mexican soccer players – La Opinion

Javier Aguirre criticizes the attitudes of Mexican soccer players – La Opinion

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Javier Aguirre He is one of the most experienced Mexican coaches today. The “Basque”, with all its history, He is a voice capable of giving an analysis of the context of Mexican soccer. The Mallorca coach criticized some attitudes of the Aztec players.

The veteran coach of Mallorca in Spain does not take a dim view that Mexican soccer players reach Europe in very small first steps. The “Basque” does not consider it to be an idea that the Aztecs Play in lower level clubs and little by little move up.

In three, four years he may go on loan to Albacete and, in three years, he is already in the first team of Mallorca or Celta or Getafe (…) but there are other processes,” Aguirre explained in TUDN.

This example was pigeonholed in Charly Rodríguez, player who went to a minor football team in Spain, but currently and for some years now, “The guy is now ready to play in this World Cup. There is only one Charly Rodríguez, there should be fifteen,” according to Aguirre.

Returning to Liga MX is a mistake

Another of the strong analyzes that Javier Aguirre explained has to do with the return of Mexican players who were active in Europe. “Vasco” does not agree with this setback.

Several of these cases have recently been seen in Liga MX: Diego Lainez, Marcelo Flores, Tecatito Corona, Gerardo Arteaga, Erick Gutiérrez, Omar Goveaamong others.

It’s better to be here (in Europe) even if you don’t play: train, suffer it, fight it, to be competing to suddenly be in your natural habitat, with your people, who support you in the face of adversity, who help you, who feed you what you like, who ask you for autographs even if you lose, who do your interviews, who make you comfortable; and here is that: Even if you don’t play, the training is already very demanding, the coaches are very demanding… adversity makes you be alert, it makes you use all five senses.“, he concluded.

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