Judge dismisses lawsuit against Steven Tyler for alleged sexual assault – El Diario NY

Judge dismisses lawsuit against Steven Tyler for alleged sexual assault – El Diario NY


A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit alleging sexual assault faced by the Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler.

According to various media reports, the American singer filed the lawsuit because a judge ruled that the plaintiff filed the case too late. The ruling was recorded this Wednesday, when the authority set aside the case, arguing that there were not enough elements that represented possibilities of damage or injury against the alleged victim.

It was a lawsuit filed by the model Jeanne Bellinowho had accused Tyler of touching her, kissing her and simulating having sex with her on the streets in the summer of 1975.

“The complaint in this case does not allege conduct that presents a serious risk of physical injury and therefore does not present a legally sufficient claim, under New York City statute,” NME quoted from the legal documents.

The lawsuit was filed under the New York City Gender Violence Victim Protection Law, which extended the statute of limitations for the facts, with the aim of encouraging victims to present their cases.

After the result, Tyler’s defense, David Long-Daniels, announced his position on the ruling

“We agree with the judge’s reasoning and we are grateful for this result on behalf of our client,” they told the BBC.

The plaintiff still has the possibility of modifying the complaint, until March 13, according to TMZ.

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