Kanye West is investigated for allegedly hitting a man who touched his wife – El Diario NY

Kanye West is investigated for allegedly hitting a man who touched his wife – El Diario NY

American singer Kanye West has become the main suspect in an alleged attack that occurred on April 16.

According to the specialized media TMZ, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband is being monitored by the Los Angeles police following an incident in which the singer, his wife, Bianca Censoriand a third person.

As revealed so far, west would have beaten a man after he sexually assaulted Censor under the pretext of having collided with her.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori posing.
Kanye West was linked to a similar attack in late 2023.
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Kanye West in trouble again

Through the same medium it was mentioned that, according to the representatives of westthe man would have tried to touch the private parts of the American’s wife in addition to making degrading expressions against her.

The aggressor didn’t just crash into her. He put her hands under her dress, directly over her body, grabbed her waist, spun her around, and then blew kisses on her. “She was abused and sexually assaulted”

Representatives of Kanye West

In this situation, west He would have hit the subject in the face, who decided to report the singer for assault. Due to the variety of evidence and testimony, it is expected that Kanye West be called by the Los Angeles police to give his statement and determine the degree of guilt of each of those involved in the case.

Kanye West bought this mansion in 2021 for $57 million.

So far, the rapper has not provided or published any type of statement or information in this regard. However, and prior to the incident, various images circulated on social networks showing west beside Censor at Disneyland.

Kanye West involved in a new incident

This is not the first time that the interpreter of “Stronger” is involved in such an incident. At the end of 2023, the singer was accused of hitting a man, who approached West on the street, with the sole intention of asking for an autograph.

Kanye West posing.
Kanye West was recently spotted at Disneyland with his wife.
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In the same incident, Kanye He reacted very violently and aggressively to the presence of the man, to the point of shouting, after the blow, a large number of things such as where his children were and that he wanted to be with them.

After the incident, the victim filed a lawsuit against the rapper for assault in addition to pointing out that, as a result of the blow, he was unable to carry out his work as the owner of a business, which went bankrupt just a few months after the incident.

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