Kate Middleton case: Was the Princess of Wales’s cancer predicted by Nostradamus?

Kate Middleton case: Was the Princess of Wales’s cancer predicted by Nostradamus?



The world has been completely paralyzed by the news released by the same Kate Middleton a couple of days ago, because in the middle of his supposed disappearance he confirmed that he suffers from cancer, and apparently this would confirm one of the prophecies of one of the most famous men in the world, Nostradamus, and this was what he said thousands of years ago and that connects him directly with the Wale’s princess.

It was through the social networks of the Royal family where the same wife of prince william confirmed the news, this after being out of the public eye for several months, so different versions began to revolve in the life of the daughter-in-law of king charles III, Well, there was even talk of his supposed death, and that is why he preferred to go out stand up before him whole world, but the news left everyone with their mouths open.

“(I am) doing well and getting stronger every day by focusing on the things that will help me heal; in my mind, body and spirit… (William) thank you for being by my side, a great source of comfort and tranquility,” were Kate Middleton’s statements.

But now, it comes to light that his illness could have been predicted by one of the most amazing minds thousands of years ago, Nostradamus, he astrologer and apothecary French that revealed the last century some of the events that have impacted the history of the planet, and this is what the great verses about which the entire world says world speaks, and here we tell you what it is about.

What did Nostradamus say about Kate Middleton’s illness?

This is a transcription that has surprised the entire world, because according to the experts, It could well refer to the crisis that the Windsor, Well, apparently he would have been right in one of his predictionswhich could change the course of the entire world, and this is what you have to know about it, because through the Chisme No Like program they have talked about it and this is what was said.

And through the social networks A writing has come to light that has already gone around the world where, according to the ancient prophet, he predicted that he had said that the “King of the Isles” would be “forcibly expelled” and would be “replaced by someone who will have no king’s mark”and this is also related to another that points to the prince harry like someone who reaches the throne of the Royal family.


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