Kate Middleton could be in worse health and her children are preparing in case she dies

Kate Middleton could be in worse health and her children are preparing in case she dies


The health of Kate Middleton continues to cause a lot of concern after she announced that she was diagnosed with cancer, it which she had to report after the rumors that there were about what was really happening to her after having abdominal surgery and that kept her away from events and public appearances, in addition to all the controversy behind her photographs and videos.

The Wale’s princess He is in full treatment to combat the disease through chemotherapy and although there are not many details about his health or updates, many claim that he is not feeling very well or that he has not shown improvements.

And now they assure that they are preparing psychologically to some members of the British royal family in case the princess’s situation and her health become complicated to a fatal degree in which she could die, so they would already be taking action on the matter.


George, Louis and Charlotte prepare for fatal consequences on the princess’s health

Now it has emerged that these royal members would be Kate’s and his children. prince william that is to say George, Charlotte and Louis, who would now be receiving your emotional help from psychologists if the princess’s situation becomes complicated to the point of losing her life.

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This is part of the monarchy plan While the princess is in the midst of a battle against cancer, they chose to prepare the three minors for any tragedy that may happen and the glory for this took place mainly during the Easter holidays a few weeks ago.

One of the things that Kate mainly looks for is that the children are calm and unaware of everything that is said outside because she wants them to maintain their innocence and that this can be achieved through psychological support while they are at home and thus be prepared. for avoid trauma in them.

On the other hand, Queen Camilla, Prince Edward and Princess Anne are the ones who have shared the tasks and are helping with the royal tasks while they face the complicated situation that the family is going through with Kate Middleton and the King Charles III.

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