Kylie Jenner could be desperate to sell her Beverly Hills mansion – El Diario NY

Kylie Jenner could be desperate to sell her Beverly Hills mansion – El Diario NY


The businesswoman and model Kylie Jenner and her ex-partner Travis Scott have been searching for a buyer for their mansion in Beverly HillsCalifornia, since 2022. In all this time the property has dropped in price.

Although one could assume all this as a normal sale and that the delay is due to the current market crisis, some outlets are starting to believe that Jenner is desperate to sell the residence.

Recently ‘New York Post’ shared a theory that has emerged on TikTokwhere a person uploaded a video explaining that not all stars who look like millionaires really are. The theory is that he is just part of the property in Beverly Hills that he has not been able to sell.

“It’s not like Kylie Jenner is struggling or anything. I don’t think she’s close to being homeless, but I think he lives way beyond his means. and that is why he has a new business every two or five days,” said the young woman in the video.

@michelletok #stitch with @Jordan T. Alexander: Celebrities like #KylieJenner and #Ellen Degeneres they are just like us! They’re living well beyond their means. 😳 #popculturenews ♬ original sound – michelle | pop culture & ✨💄🍸

He also mentioned the large residential complex that is currently under construction and asked his followers if they had any idea what it takes to maintain a place like that. The construction of this mansion has progressed slowlybut it is known that it will include a vineyard and many more luxuries.

It must be remembered that new residence is being built in Hidden Hillsthe favorite area of ​​the Kardashian-Jenner clan. It should also be remembered that Jenner bought this property in 2020 and to date the place is not yet ready, could it be due to lack of money?

On the other hand, Jenner and her ex are currently asking $17.99 million for the mansion in Beverly Hills that they bought in 2018 for $14.4 million dollars. The first time the property came on the market it was priced at $21.9 million..

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