La Opinión Hoy: concern for Ryan García’s mental health – La Opinión

La Opinión Hoy: concern for Ryan García’s mental health – La Opinión

There is concern within the team Ryan Garciathe North American contender for the super lightweight world title, and among general boxing fans, since precisely from the chaotic press conference for the fight scheduled for April 20 against Devin Haney, where García stated that drinking and smoking marijuana has shown signs that his emotional health. Ricardo López Juárez, sports editor of La Opinión, gave us a better context on the topic.

“The truth is that it is an issue that has us all worried, not only Ryan’s team but also the boxing industry, the fans, because beyond Ryan García’s career, beyond this fight or other possible fights in the future for him, we are talking about a mental illness situation“he alleged Ricardo Lopez Juarez

Ryan García left boxing two or three years ago due to mental health problems, and then returned with a new trainer obviously supported by his promoter Óscar de la Hoya.“he resumed his career and more or less did well until then lost in his most important fight with Gervonta Tank Davis last year, now things look even worse because Ryan García, has been saying a lot of strange things for weeks now, “many disturbing statements is the word,” said the journalist.

Devin Haney, right, has his arm raised by referee Jack Reiss after defeating Regis Prograis in a boxing fight for the WBC super lightweight title in San Francisco, Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

The specialist added that “And especially after that press conference where there was already a bad omen for the things he had been saying and publishing, because What athlete posts a video of themselves smoking marijuana the night before a press conference?when you are announcing the most important fight of your career, I mean it is a very strange thing, but then it got even worse because In recent days Ryan has been posting many disturbing things on social media, as I say, even revealing without giving details that when he was 2 years old he was raped by a member of his family, I repeat, no details, so we just leave it as a statement, a revelation of his that remains vague and then start making accusations of a kind of sect that abuses children, that sells children again without giving many details.”

“And really causing a lot of concern which is already an issue in which as Timothy Bradley said, the boxing legend is crying out for help from Ryan Garcia, this fight is April 20th it is a very big fight Devin Haney is an undefeated champion , a very very tough fighter for Ryan García, it is true that he has not yet beaten anyone as a professional, anyone big I mean and I am afraid that the fights are going to fall, I see all the ingredients here for this fight that has been announced, because at the end of the day it will not be carried out,” López Juárez pointed out.

Bill Haney, father of Devin Haney, said that Ryan García He should be in a mental hospital if he thinks his erratic behavior will affect them. in their preparation for the April 20 showdown in New York.

In an interview with BoxingScene, Haney indicated that it’s all a publicity stunt de García, but he thinks it won’t work because the fans don’t see it that way and King Ry isn’t a marketing genius either.

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