LCDLF 4: This is how the voting goes for the fifth elimination gala, hours before the salvation gala – El Diario NY

LCDLF 4: This is how the voting goes for the fifth elimination gala, hours before the salvation gala – El Diario NY

We have new nominees. Next Monday, The House of the Famous 4 will experience its fifth elimination gala. On the night of February 22, residents voted for these celebrities who depend on the public’s votes to stay within the Telemundo reality show: Carlos Gómez, Sophie Durand, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Cristina Porta, Clovis Nienow and Rodrigo Romeh.

This is how the vote goes until today

At the moment the most voted and favorite to return to The House of Famous 4 is Clovis Nienow. Who is also Gregorio Pernía’s favorite? inside fourth earth, this is what he said upon his departure and during his time at the show’s gala, on February 21 when he decided to leave the reality show to return to his family.

Gregorio Pernía did not lie and leaves today, February 21, from La Casa de los Famosos 4

Nienow, in votes, has 35% percent in favor. Like him, the most voted and favorites in the public’s taste continue to be Ariadna Gutiérrez and Rodrigo Romeh, all from the fourth land. Another who could return home without problems is Cristina Porta.

Those who are in danger of elimination are without a doubt Carlos Gómez and Sophie Durand, both from the alliance of water and fire called “fuagua”.

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Let’s talk about salvation

This week’s salvation, for now, is in the hands of Bebeshita and Robbie Mora. However, tonight one of the inhabitants could steal this benefit at your pleasure. Lupillo Rivera and his ground companions are eager to achieve this.

Host of “En Casa con Telemundo” comes out in defense of Maripily Rivera, from LCDLF 4

The ground strategy is clear, they trust their audience and are only waiting for the departure of Carlos Gómez. However, they also take into account that the salvation of Sophie Durand could occur, if they were not able to snatch the precious salvation.

They then leave the fate of the Spaniard to the fans, who follow 24/7, who on social networks already express that they hope to see how she joins the ground, because their votes can help in the dynamics of the game.

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