Lionel Messi posed as a model for a clothing brand in Saudi Arabia – La Opinion

Lionel Messi posed as a model for a clothing brand in Saudi Arabia – La Opinion

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Lionel Messi was the figure who starred in an advertisement for a Saudi Arabian clothing company and the audiovisual product All of this immediately went viral through social networks. The star and spearhead of Inter Miami, a Major League Soccer team, wore a thobe, the traditional tunic that reaches to the ankles, an appearance, a very common outfit for most men from Middle Eastern countries.

“You can only find your beauty and elegance from Sayyar,” is the slogan of the publication of the distinguished men’s clothing brand from Saudi Arabia that was able to promote this entire “wardrobe” with one of the best athletes of all time and perhaps the best soccer player in all of history.

The post places special emphasis on the shemagh, the scarf that the captain of the Argentine team wears in photos and videos. and world championship in Qatar 2022. “Luxury, elegance, all the time,” were the words that can be seen from this fashion brand on its website, where it also has the image of Messi as a model. Sayyar offers is also known for offering perfumes and underwear to the public.

Messi is the face of important brands in the market

In this way Messi manages to be an image to advertise the product of another large company that trusts in what it means. the former player of the Football Club Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain on and off the field of play. Recently, Rosario’s idol was the star of an advertisement for a North American beer for the last Super Bowl, where he was able to share the scene alongside Jason Sudeikis – an actor who has gained great popularity recently for his role in a series like Ted Lasso. and Dan Marino, the living legend of the NFL and especially for the Miami Dolphins.

It must be remembered that the star striker also lends his image to be the main face of brands like Adidas or Gatorade, to mention some quite well-known brands.

Messi currently has a long-standing commercial link with Saudi Arabia, something that at the time tempted him to sign for a team in the Saudi Pro League, where the legend of Real Madrid and Manchester United, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, lives in the ranks of Al Nassr today.

However, the 36-year-old from Rosario decided to put an end to his journey through Europe.leaving PSG aside and joining the ranks of Inter Miami of the North American Major League Soccer.

“Very happy to welcome Lionel Messi and his family to enjoy our various tourist destinationsand to explore authentic experiences that reflect the warmth and generosity of our people, and we welcome visitors from different countries around the world to enjoy a unique trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the Minister of Tourism had written on his social networks. AhmedAlKhateeb during Leo’s last trip to that country.

Messi visited Arabia at the time

The last time the man from Rosario was seen in Saudi Arabia was during his final weeks as a Paris Saint Germain player.. At that time, he had organized his agenda to be able to make a lightning trip to comply with some trade agreements in that nation.

I honestly thought we were going to have free time after the game, as had been happening in the previous weeks.. He had organized this trip to Arabia, which he had previously canceled and I couldn’t do this one. I repeat again: apologize for what I did,” he said at the time in a video after the punishment that the club had imposed on him.

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