Lourdes Stephen’s son is reunited with his cousin: the COVID lockdown had separated them

lourdes stephen casa

Probably, those who have had the hardest time with the confinement of the coronavirus pandemic are children, since socialization is vital for them, and now that things are a little calmer and infections have decreasedLourdes Stephen has decided to surprise her little son.

Through her YouTube channel, the journalist shared a video in which he can be seen taking Michael Victor to the airport in the Dominican Republic so that he could see his cousin Jimena again who couldn鈥檛 help but be moved to tears upon realizing what had been prepared.

鈥淗ow was the reunion?鈥 Lourdes asks the 5 and 6-year-olds, to which they respond 鈥淪he was blindfolded and I hugged her, I was happy鈥 and 鈥淰ery happy and my mom already knew, I thought she was a Barbie, but no.鈥 鈥.

Finally, the Dominican wanted to know what they like the most about each other and what is the craziest thing they have done together, but like good little mischievous people, both began to make jokes about it and say meaningless things.

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