Luis Rubiales must ask for permission to travel outside of Spain – La Opinion

Luis Rubiales must ask for permission to travel outside of Spain – La Opinion


The judge investigating possible irregularities in contracts of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has allowed its former president Luis Rubiales to keep his passport, but has ordered him to inform and ask for permission to the court if you want to travel outside of Spain.

Every time you want to leave the country, Rubiales must inform the court about the duration of his stay abroad and the address where you will stay. In addition, he must appear in court at least once a month.

This occurs after the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office proposed that Rubiales remain free and requested that he be required to appear in court every two weeks.

The magistrate has decided, however, that they be monthly and has conditioned her departures from Spain to providing all the information about the trip.

Luis Rubiales expresses that his departure from the RFEF was traumatic

The former federation president has admitted that his departure from the RFEF, punctuated by the scandal involving the non-consensual kiss he gave to Jenni Hermoso was “traumatic” and he has explained that he decided to invest in the Dominican Republic because it seemed like a good opportunity.

One by one, Rubiales has distanced himself from all the irregularities being investigated in this case, whose origin dates back to 2022.

It was partly secret until a little over a month ago, when the operation broke out in which the The Civil Guard registered the RFEF itself and its address in Granada. He, then, was in the Dominican Republic and had to bring forward his return to Spain.

Another of the contracts that he has defended is that of the company Gruconsa, which carried out the works on the La Cartuja stadium in Seville.

He was chosen, he has defended, because he had the reports, the competence and the experience to do the job in 30 days, according to sources.. “Either we did it this way or we lost the headquarters,” stated Rubiales, and he added that the technicians told him that it was the only company that could do it.

Rubiales, who only wanted to answer the judge, the prosecutor and his lawyer, has pointed out that in the companies in which he participates he has always done so before a notary public and that he has “never” tried to hide his status as a partner.

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