Marcus Ornellas sends a message to Ariadne Díaz and José Ron after working together – El Diario NY

Marcus Ornellas sends a message to Ariadne Díaz and José Ron after working together – El Diario NY

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Marcus Ornellas has proven to be a mature and self-confident man by not show any type of discomfort regarding the professional collaboration between Ariadne Díaz and José Ron. It is evident that he fully trusts the relationship he has with the actress and the strength of their love.

It is important to remember that the actors have a friendly and professional relationship, since both have worked together on several occasions and have proven to be great partners on screen. Therefore, there is no reason to distrust their interaction on the recording set.

“No, not at all, not at all (I feel jealous). We get along very well and Ron is a friend, and one thing has nothing to do with another“He stated in front of the press.

Additionally, it is important to remember that the past is the past and that couples can maintain a healthy and respectful relationship even after ending their romance. It is impressive that Marcus has the maturity and confidence necessary to support Ariadne in her career and her professional projects, without letting jealousy or insecurities intervene in her relationship.

“I trust her and that is the most important thing, and I wish you the greatest success in this project, that it goes incredibly well for all of you.”he added in front of the cameras.

Ornellas’ focus on his partner’s well-being and success demonstrates that he has a positive and mature perspective on interpersonal relationships. It’s inspiring to see how happy and successful Ariadne Díaz is, even when it involves interacting with an ex-partner. Without a doubt, her unconditional support will strengthen the relationship he has with her and show that love can overcome any type of obstacle.

“Even ‘Ari’ has sometimes complained to me that I’m not jealous, I’m pretty laid back in that regard. I think that’s what it’s about: as a couple, you complement the other person. There are many colleagues who are very jealous and They don’t allow it, it makes me laugh… That their partners, when they are working as an actress or actor, can’t kiss, it seems ridiculous to me.“, said.

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