Miguel Herrera with more lives than a cat in Xolos: they beat Puebla 3-1 and pay for the continuity of their coach – La Opinión

Miguel Herrera with more lives than a cat in Xolos: they beat Puebla 3-1 and pay for the continuity of their coach – La Opinión

Miguel Herrera, technical director of Xolos, seemed to release all the pressure accumulated throughout the entire Clausura 2024 tournament and final part of the Apertura 2023 championship with the 3-1 victory over Puebla in the activity on matchday 16, where the strategist of the canine squad seemed to demonstrate that he has more lives than a cat and at the same time added a result that contributes too much to his continuity on the bench for the next competition.

But not everything was smooth sailing against the border table. On the contrary, they had to break out in a cold sweat with the goal scored by an old acquaintance of the canine fans, Miguel Sansores in the final minutes of the first half, which predicted the worst for the Xolos and forced a furious reaction from Miguel Herrera’s team. .

And as if it were a premonition, The Xolos team came out to eat the rival in the second half with the entry of the Colombian José Raúl Zúñiga, who was the spearhead of a change in the face of the local team, causing Puebla to be overwhelmed by the pressure of the opponent.

It was as if suddenly the canine team had been brainwashed, as they went after the rival with the dagger between their teeth and with goals from José Zúñiga in an accurate header, just three minutes into the second period that put things 1-1.

Then Puebla broke down, the expulsion of Miguel Sansores himself came and with this he condemned his team to bite their nails to prevent the rival from making them wax and wick, just as they tried to do in the rest of the second half.

Then came the second goal through Efraín Álvarez to make it 2-1 at minute 66, which encouraged Miguel Herrera’s forces to continue searching for more blood from the people of Puebla. Thus, in the 74th minute they made it 3-1 thanks to Kevin Castañada in a great wall football play with Efraín Álvarez, which Castañeda only had to sign into the nets.

But Last week’s victory against FC Juárez allows Miguel Herrera to breathe a little easier.

Imago 1504135
The “Pantera” José Zúñiga was the stimulus that Xolos needed to turn the score around Puebla and thus add the second consecutive victory. Photo: Imago7.

Now the pupils led by Miguel Herrera will seek to close with one more victory over Tigres on matchday 17, which would undoubtedly be another step forward in Miguel Herrera’s continuity as head of the technical direction of the border canines.

With this defeat, Puebla equals the unfavorable mark for the highest number of goals conceded in the history of tournaments against with 41 goals scored in the current championship and which is a similar amount to that of Toros Neza in Winter 1999. Cañoneros de Mazatlán in the Clausura 2023 and the Puebla team itself in the Winter 1998.

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