Mike Tyson focused on his fight with Jake Paul: “In six weeks I haven’t even had sex” – La Opinion

Mike Tyson focused on his fight with Jake Paul: “In six weeks I haven’t even had sex” – La Opinion

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Mike Tyson is preparing to return to the ring in the exhibition fight before Jake Paul. The former champion is taking it seriously and in an interview he revealed what he has done.

Tyson said he is stopping having sex and using drugs in preparation for his fight.

“For probably six weeks I haven’t done drugs or had sex. “I’m living my life in a disciplined way now, so now I’m going to have to fight in a disciplined way,” Tyson said.

“I hate that I can’t smoke,” Tyson continues, “but I do it like I love it; I hate that I can’t sleep with my wife, but I do it like I love it.”

It should be noted that for this fight it is prohibited for boxers to test positive for drugs. Its consumption is prohibited by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, who oversees combat sports in Texas.

The American boxer is eager for his fight and stated that not even in his best times could he attract as many fans as this fight will have in Texas.

“Everyone, even the majority of athletes, are jealous of me, it’s crazy... Not even in the best of times could you attract a million people. You couldn’t sell a stadium. Who at 58 could sell an 80,000-seat stadium? Why do you think he [Jake Paul] “Does he want to fight with me and not with anyone else?” he highlighted.

Royal Queen, Mike Tyson’s cannabis empire

Mike Tyson is betting on business and one of the companies he has is about cannabis called Royal Queen.

“I was world champion and now I am cannabis champion. We are going to conquer the world. “We want to be in every country on the planet.”

The company sells flowers, vaporizers and edibles made in the shape of Evander Holyfield’s ear and sold in 20 US states, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Thailand.

In 2023, the brand generated $150 million in revenue, Forbes estimates.

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