New York Yankees player received a horrifying blow to the head by a ball in a game in Mexico – La Opinion

New York Yankees player received a horrifying blow to the head by a ball in a game in Mexico – La Opinion

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One of the most chilling and difficult moments was recently experienced in the world of Major League Baseball when the right fielder of the New York Yankees, Óscar González, was hit by a ball directly in his head in the middle of the game between the ‘Bronx Mules’ and the Red Devils, in a match that took place in Mexico City.

González fouled a pitch inside that ended up hitting him squarely in his face, specifically in one of his eyes, and he immediately fell to the ground and was forced to leave the field on the team’s assist cart.

Major League Baseball Insider Mr. Bryan Hoch He let it be known that Óscar González suffered a bruise on his right eye and also reported that he was initially treated at the Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium facilities thanks to Dr. Carlos Smith, doctor of the New York Yankees, and also by Dr. Elisa Saleme.

Despite this, the player was transferred to the Centro México ABC in Mexico City. so that he would undergo more evaluations and examinations in order to prevent more serious injuries that could affect him later, especially when there are only days left until the official start of the 2024 Major League Baseball season.

Performance of Óscar González against the Red Devils

Until the moment of the pitch, González was 1-1 with one hit and he had also been able to score a run for the New York team; He was replaced by Cole Gabrielson whose at-bat ended in a strikeout.

The New York Yankees had a 3-run offensive attack and González scored one of them. Until the arrival of the third inning where the Bombers managed to beat the locals 4 runs to 0.

The Yankees acquired González via waivers during the offseason last year and they trust that he can be a player to develop and that he can contribute to the offense and defense of the New York organization for this campaign that is about to begin in just days.

Your numbers for the 2023 season

In the 2023 Major League season, the 26-year-old Dominican posted an offensive line of .214/.239/.312 in 180 plate appearances. The opportunity he received from the Cleveland Guardians wasn’t much longer, but he also didn’t do anything to cause them to allow him more playing time in the majors.

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