Nicandro Díaz’s son is accused of looting the producer’s house hours before his death

Nicandro Díaz’s son is accused of looting the producer’s house hours before his death



The entertainment world is still truly shocked after the death of producer Nicandro Diazto whom a motorcycle accident took his life last March 18 while he was vacation with your partner, Mariana Robles, to whom children of the director have asked to investigate thoroughly after being the only survivor, but now, a source points to the firstborn of the creator of Televisa of looting his father’s house shortly after his descent.

According to reports and statements from the same partner of the 40-year-old producer, Nicandro Diaz would have lost his life in Cozumel, this while he was on vacation with the voice actress whom she met and was in a relationship since 2021, and so far no more has been made known about the matter, since the woman claims not to remember anything about her partner’s death due to a traumatic shock.

For these reasons, the children of Nicandro Díaz They have not only requested through the social networks in not believing the versions of Mariana Robles, but they also prevented her from entering the wake and even asked the authorities to investigate her much more thoroughly after meeting her father at the time she lost her life, which is why an investigation has been created. media war between the offspring and girlfriend of the star soap operas like ‘True Loves’.

Did Nicandro Díaz’s eldest son steal belongings from Mariana Robles?

But now, history gives a shout that very few imagined, because a source has revealed Ventaneando, the eldest son of the producer and Cynthia Buitrona woman with whom he was married for 20 years, entered his father’s mansion to steal different objects of great value, from cars, jewelry and even money shortly before the body of Nicandro Díaz arrived from Cozumel, so opinions have been divided.

According to different debates of the social networksthe acts of the young man have been interpreted by some as a violation of the will of the deceased, generating discussions about ethics and respect for their rights. final wishessince some claim that the producer relationship With the mother of his children and even with themselves, she was always marked by tension, and apparently he would have wanted to leave his girlfriend protected.

“He expected to be with his children more and for his children to support him more, and well, many times the children obviously go with their mother, so it is a very difficult topic but he did express to me that he was very sad with his children because of how “They behaved,” Lorena Tassinari, actress and friend of the producer, added to the program.

So far, no Mariana Robles far from it children ofTelevisa producer, Nicandro Diaz have expressed themselves in this regard, since many assure that if there is a willthey have to respect the last will of the director of great Mexican soap operas.


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