Nikke and Stellar Blade are at risk of losing their “fanservice”

Nikke and Stellar Blade are at risk of losing their “fanservice”

So much Stellar Blade as Nikke They are video games that are very similar, from the fact that they have pretty girls who star in the titles, as well as the fact that both are developed by the company Shift-Up, so players know what they will find within these deliveries: a lot of “fanservice”. But now comes news that jeopardizes this very characteristic aspect, and it is that it was discovered that the same company began to sell shares on the stock market, meaning that not only will a large part of the game no longer be owned by a single group, but that changes will also be generated in the future.

Shift-Up will sell shares on the stock market, which would complicate “fanservice” at Nikke and Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade Presents The Model Who Gives Life To Its &Quot;Waifu&Quot;  ProtagonistStellar Blade Presents The Model Who Gives Life To Its &Quot;Waifu&Quot;  Protagonist

With the growth of the South Korean developer Shift-Up In the last year and a half it is not surprising the large amount of money it produced, first with its most popular title to date, The Goddess of Victory: Nikke or with what will be one of the releases of the year, Stellar Blade. This is why, in order to continue with this success, the players discovered that the company has begun to sell a large number of shares on the stock market, a move that is taken as intelligent, but also as a threat to creative freedom.

And when these sales happen, a large part of the company will begin to be distributed among different groups that acquire the shares, so in many cases the interests will only go on the monetary side, leaving aside what the most fanatics can reach. to love in these iconic games: their “fanservice”. Furthermore, it is expected that in order to attract the attention of larger investors and buyers, in this case coming from Saudi Arabiathe games begin to make changes that may affect these “waifus” for which both titles are known.

Although it is not all bad news, since in the distribution in the form of sale of shares, Kim Kyung-tae, the largest investor today, will continue to maintain 45% of the shares, which would end up leaving a large part of the creative decisions in his power. On his side, Tencentone of the most important multinational companies in the world, and more so within video games, today owns 24% of the shares, so they also have a lot of weight over the decisions within Shift-Upespecially in Nikke and Stellar Blade.

Modernia NikkeModernia Nikke

Since it is the “fanservice” that is in check, on the part of the fans of Nikke and Stellar Blade It is where the most commotion was generated, since these first-hand people would be the most affected if changes were really made, even with the censorship of content that is already available today. And although many remain on the sidelines waiting to see what will really happen, many others feel afraid, since these types of movements have been seen in the past, resulting in more than obvious changes in the games, so now all that remains is to wait for see the results.

Nikke is one of the most popular gacha-style video games that exist today, and it has managed to position itself in this position thanks to all the content it has given to players, especially at the level of characters, which are characterized by being many “waifus” with equally varied designs. For his part, Stellar Blade is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, this being a PlayStation 5 exclusive that will be released on April 26, 2024. This game will be characterized not only by having a beautiful protagonist, but by having a game system that will remember to titles like NieR: Automata or Bayonetta.

Stellar Blade EveStellar Blade Eve


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