Noelia on Instagram: show off her rear and pose with daring and sexy black clothes

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The Puerto Rican singer and actress Noelia does know how to take advantage of the hours of exercise she does and the best way is to show her body with little clothing, as she has done in the recent video she shared on her Instagram account where she poses with fishnet stockings, which make her look very sexy.

His admirers are undoubtedly among the happiest because the Puerto Rican star constantly flaunts his curvy body, which is 42 years old.

“Noelicious Nights”, wrote the also Puerto Rican businesswoman in her account of Instagram, where he has more than 1.5 million followers.

Noelia poses in a daring and sensual outfit

In the video, recorded from the bathroom, Noelia appears dressed in a green sweater and it is seen that underneath she has a long-sleeved black top.

The actress appears in front of a mirror while taking the video with her smartphone.

Sensual poses are her thing, and she knows it since while recording the video she makes some sexy movements and smiles.

She wears black fishnet stockings, on top she wears a kind of thong, which covers her intimate part, but on the back there are two black ribbons with shiny applications that go through a part of your buttocks, without covering the central part.

And to finish off with the sensual wardrobe, Noelia wears long black boots.

Followers won’t stop flattering her

In just three hours of being posted, the video has more than 18,000 likes.

“You are gorgeous, greetings from Mexico. Cuteness. Excellent. Beauty. Very pretty”were some of the compliments that the Puerto Rican received.

Noelia likes to share her day-to-day with her followers on Instagram and will continue to be the means to keep up with what is happening with her favorite star, since Noelia took advantage of the social network to warn that her presentations are still canceled due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

“The circumstances do not allow me to make plans for any presentation or concert, obviously I had plans for 2022, but I think it is not prudent. IT IS NOT PRUDENT AND IT IS NOT CORRECT! .. I will wait 3 more months to know what situation we are in to be able to make decisions about a concert. What else would I like…. I HATE CANCELING EVENTS .. But first health ”, the artist wrote this Sunday on her Instagram account.

And it is that the Omicron variant of coronavirus is causing an exponential rise in infections in the United States.

So her loyal fans will have to continue to delight in the photos and videos of Noelia, as the singer resumes her presentations.

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